Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One, two, three, four ... cuttings of alfalfa

 Fourth cutting!

That's right - four times a year we cut, rake, and chop the alfalfa to feed our cattle.  Seems like we just covered the pile and put on the tires.  But now it's time to take off the tires, remove the plastic, and add more feed for the long winter! 

The timing worked okay on this one - it's supposed to be nice all this week.  We chopped all day today and should be able to finish tomorrow.  I almost hate to say that, because it's as if I'm just asking for a flat tire/breakdown/weather/other unforeseen delay.  It's like going to the airport and saying, "I haven't ever had a flight cancelled!"  (I would never say that.  My flights get cancelled all the time, especially when trying to return from other countries.  With no backup to watch the children.)

The boys wanted to ride with Kris in the tractor, so we went to see him.  My youngest had to go to bed, so he was just stopping by to say hello.

The boys waited patiently until Kris was able to stop and pick them up.

Kris came to see Max.  Kris doesn't even flinch anymore when I continually take his picture. 


Off to rake in the tractor.

After they got home, the boys excitedly told me they drove the tractor.  They were also both really thirsty.  Cole said, "It was hot, dusty, and exhausty.  You know, it's an old tractor."

Not as old as these boys seem.  By the time they can drive a tractor for real, they won't even remember their first cutting. 

Here's to a great post-drought alfalfa harvest!  And a merry corn chopping to come!

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