Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cementing it

I mentioned earlier that we're pouring more cement to make a larger silage pad.  (A silage pad is a cement slab where we pile the feed we grow.  We cover it with a plastic tarp and tires, then take a little of it out every day to feed the cattle the rest of the year.) 

Pouring the pad is quite a process - and really fun to watch.

First, there's the sky high pipeline.

 It takes a lot of guys to do it, since of course it sets quickly.

Look how far that angles!

Pasture to pavement.  It was a really wet part of the pasture anyway.

They used something called a laser screed.  I don't know if this is the brand they use, but the link offers a good description of how it works.  Basically, it levels the concrete using lasers. 

I've only heard the word 'screed' to describe a written rant before, but I see now that this use is the second definition.  No angry rants here!  It looks great and we're ready to fill it up. 

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