Thursday, October 13, 2011


Kris finished the corn harvest. We managed to squeeze the rest of the corn into the bags. Hooray! We're ready for winter.

On the History Channel tonight, there's a show called 'Harvest'. They just spent several minutes and various camera angles showing them putting a combine on a trailer. Kris said, "The guy from the dealer does this in two minutes. Every day!"

The tone of the narrative is funny too - everything is so serious. A storm is coming, making them combine faster. We noted they were probably already going as fast as possible. It's not like when it's nice weather they just drive slowly, enjoying the day.

We had a situation outside our house that was similar today. A neighboring farm is tiling their field. The tiling company was driving by our house and the tile was dragging on the ground. They stopped, jumped out, pulled the tile back on the truck, and drove on. But if it were a reality show?! Interviews, potential damage numbers, possibly some tears ...

But, like anything, they're shows. They're made for entertainment. At our house - where there are boring work days and not-fake-exciting work days - they're definitely entertaining. We're laughing, anyway!

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