Thursday, February 25, 2016


We had a snowstorm!  In 24 hours we got about a foot of snow.

February 23

February 24

This is also the same week Kris and five of his farmer friends went to Florida to tour dairy farms. Unfortunately, due to the threat of the storm, his flight was cancelled.  Since they couldn't get a flight until two days later, and they all wanted to be back on their farms ... they drove the 24 hours home.  (I strongly suggested that Kris wait it out on the beach, but these business owners are so darn responsible.)

Thanks to our wonderful employees, everything still went pretty smoothly.  The milk truck got a little stuck, but it didn't take them that long to get it out.

I tried to leave today to go sledding with friends, but the roads were still drifted.  I thought it was going to be okay, but then there was a truck pulling a car out of a ditch on my road ... right in the middle of the road.  I couldn't get around it, the side roads were even worse, and Kris wasn't home to call if I got stuck!  So, we turned around and came back home.

Instead, we made snow ice cream.  It consists of -

5 cups of snow
1 cup of milk
1/4 cup of sugar
2 t of vanilla

We added chocolate syrup and sprinkles.  The kids were very happy.

However, we used the last of the milk.  I didn't want to try to leave again, so I asked Kris to buy some if he and the guys stopped at a gas station.

He said he did buy some, but when they got out they opened the back of the SUV ... and the milk gallon fell out and exploded.

What a fitting end to a dairy tour!  Milk everywhere.


Thank you to Eureka Elementary's Mrs. Markman and her first grade for inviting me to do a dairy lesson yesterday!  The kids, as always, had tons of questions, and I loved answering them.  "Where did you buy that calf bottle?" followed up by "Where did you buy that milker?" and "Where do they sell cows?"  made me think these kids were pretty entrepreneurial and ready to start their own dairies!

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