Sunday, February 7, 2016

Out and back

Today I volunteered with CommonGround at the Women's Expo in Lansing.

Janna Fritz, Tera Havard, and me in front of burning questions
I had the opportunity to have some really great conversations about farming and food.  Here are some things I heard that really made me happy:

- (After I explained that CommonGround was an all-volunteer organization that answers questions about farming and food) - "Oh!  I thought it was a dating service like Farmers  I love those commercials!"

- (Following a long conversation) - "I really understand GMOs better now.  Thanks so much for coming to this."

- (After a great conversation about organic and conventional farming practices) - "I'm so glad I talked to you.  Now I don't have to feel guilty that I'm not buying $10 milk."

- "What do you do?  I'm a psychic.  I eat clean, because when I do, that allows the angels and guides to communicate better with me."  (Then why did she ask what I did?  Shouldn't she already know?)

Thanks again to CommonGround.  

Meanwhile on the farm ...

Kris met with our nutritionist and vet to do an in-depth analysis of how we can improve this next year.  Spreadsheets!  Graphs!  Stats!  All the kind of things Kris loves - farming and getting better at farming.

It is MUDDY.  Everything is a huge mess.  We all love it, but this is another reason we built a barn for the cattle in the winter.  Otherwise the pastures get completely torn up.

We milked the cows, we fed them, then we milked them again.  Then we scraped manure.  Same old, same old ... broken up by celebrating Kris' birthday and the Super Bowl with tons of great food and laughs with friends and family.  Hooray, February!

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