Friday, March 4, 2016

Ice and snow and ice and snow

Kris was calling.

"Where were you on that?" he said, laughing.

"Where was I when?" I asked.

"The heifers just got out right by the house!  They managed to open a gate," he said.  

"Ah!" I yelled.  I was running on the treadmill, doing the first couple of miles inside so I could finish up outside.  Kris knows how much I love the excitement of the heifers being out ... but mostly I could have seen and helped get them back in!

"Our neighbor said that he saw one go toward the pasture, but I didn't see any tracks.  So keep an eye out for her!" he said.

I ran outside with my camera - like I was planning - because it is the most beautiful morning.  After our second 12-inch snow, this morning everything is covered in ice leftover from the fog.

The heifers were all back in, I didn't see any in the pasture, and I couldn't even see a stray hoofprint. They'd run nicely in the scraped road.

Enjoy your beautiful winter day, wherever you are!  Hopefully today you're around for whatever excitement your cattle, pets, children, friends - or whatever you're responsible for - provide.

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