Thursday, August 13, 2015

CALVES on pasture

Our CALVES are on pasture!  Our cows are still delivering, and we need newborn pens for the new heifers.

So, we moved the oldest group of 20 calves outside on pasture.  They're all two months old.

They were very excited!  They ran, frolicked, and checked out how far they could run.

We all watched them to see if they were going to get out.  One little calf shimmied right through the wires.  Cattle are predictable though - as soon as she got out, she wanted back in with her herd.  She waited around until Kris opened the gate and moved quickly to get back with everyone.

There was lots of mooing - from the calves and from the other cows, who love the excitement.

After about ten minutes, they'd all calmed down and were starting to nose around in the grass.  They checked out their regular feed in a feeder and the water tank.

We've never had calves on pasture before - only year-olds and older.  So it's a big change for us and for them.

"Every time I see them out there, I keep counting them," Kris said to me later.

"Me too," I said.  "But I didn't see 20 ..."

"I know!" he said.  The grass is so tall and they're so little that when they lie down you can barely see them!"

But they're growing bigger every day.

Just like ours.

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