Monday, August 10, 2015

Gorgeous Monday

There were gorgeous sights wherever I looked today!  First - we have our first and only brown calf. 

My grandpa had registered Guernsey (brown and white) cattle, and my dad bred them to Jersey (commonly light brown with black hooves), then later to Holstein (black and white).  Now we also breed to Holstein bulls.  

So there are a lot of genes pooling around in there, and every so often we get a Jersey-Guernsey-Holstein looking calf!  Note her black hooves, too.  Like all newborns, she's adorable ... and will be easy to pick out on the pasture for years.

Tonight, right before Kris left to check the pastures for calves again, he stepped outside and yelled, "Rainbow!"  The boys weren't asleep yet, so we had them run outside to see it.  Kris told them the rainbow ends not in a pot of gold, but on our cows.  If you look closely you can see it's right on a white one in our pasture.

After that, we had a stunning sunset ...

 Beautiful clouds ...

And RAIN!  It rained most of the day - a great, steady, soaking rain.  Our crops and pastures and trees - and everything that grows - really needed it.  I hope rain didn't ruin any of your plans today, because it made the day even more beautiful from our perspective.

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