Sunday, August 9, 2015


It's a giant sprinkler!

And yes, like all sprinklers, it's really cold.

We've had a wet (and great) spring and summer, but now it's getting dry, and we had to turn on our irrigation systems.

My dad put in the first irrigation pivot in the 90s, and when we moved here, we put in a second pivot. These aren't on our crops, (though we do rent some land that has an irrigation system), but they are on our pastures.

The boys get excited anytime we put them on, and they immediately run to get under the water.  The cows like to stand under it, too.  It must be for cattle and kids.  To me, not only is it cold, but it's hard!  It's not like a soothing shower but more like needles.

It's specific - you program in how much water you want it to put down per pass.  So we put in that we want a half inch of water, and it goes the right speed for the right amount of water.  It then stops after it has gone around in a circle one time.

Of course, it's great for the pasture.  It looks lush, while on our side of the road ... all the grass in our yard is brown.  So the whole 'grass is greener on the other side' is totally true here.

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