Saturday, June 6, 2015

Family Fun at the Farm - here and there

Recently ...

- Kris got kicked by a cow in the leg and she broke his phone, plus left a hoof-shaped bruise.

- I spoke at the Lansing Dietetic Association Annual Meeting.

- The cattle have been thriving on pasture and I can't stop taking pictures of them at sunrise, sunset, and when there are rainbows ...

- It's warm and the boys want to be with Kris all the time.

- About 3000 people attended Family Fun at the Farm today at Tubergen Dairy Farm, and I was one of the volunteers at one of the best-organized events around!

They milk 900 cows 3 times a day.  The Tubergen parents started the farm and they have three out of their four children working with them now.  It was a great place for the event!

Check out this clever sign and old milk cans, which seem to find a spot on every dairy farm:

The amount of activities!  Feed a calf a bottle, feel all the kinds of grain and guess what they are, petting zoo, visiting the milk parlor, corn pools, farm books, tractor rides, talk to a vet, cow bouncy house, lunch ... the list goes on and on.

My kids immediately gravitated to the pretend cow to milk:

My mom took them to everything while I did my job of tour guide on a ride around the farm.  (My brother asked me last night if I had lots of jokes prepared like the people at Disney.  Yes!  Just like Disney.)

Part of the tour showed off the farm's sand separator.  The farm is able to reclaim 95% of sand they use for bedding.  This is how it works - they use sand to bed down the cattle.  It gets pushed into the lagoons along with the manure.  This machine can separate the sand from the liquid manure, which they can then reuse for bedding!  And in a true testament to modern technology ... when it breaks, it sends a text message to the farmers.

Not only did they have all their calves, heifers and cows, but they had other farm animals to see ...

And of course, the people.  Thank you to the organizers, the Tubergen family, and all the families who came today!  

Farmers really love showing people their farms.  It's not always easy to do - (3000 people is amazing!) but with events like this, it really gives people an opportunity.  I talk to so many people who have attended a farm tour - like Family Fun at the Farm or Breakfast on the Farm - and I'm so happy that these events exist.  Thank you to the host family and all the people who work so hard to make it happen every year.

Even if you're from a farm - and live on a farm - it's always exciting.  My boys loved all the events, and ended the day with ice cream on the inside ... and on the outside.  

- Go to a Breakfast on the Farm this summer!
- For other ice cream tattoo stories, look here. : ) 

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rschett said...

He wouldn't let you post a picture of the bruise?

Cheri Schaub said...

My niece, Kristi Keilen, was there, too. I wish I could have made. I'll try to make Breakfast at the Farm, though. I'm so glad to hear that it was a success.

Carla said...

Rach - It was not in a picture-taking area. : )

Carla said...

Cheri - Kristi was right behind me in the volunteer registration line! It was a great event, and I'm sure Breakfast on the Farm will be too! Nice that the weather cooperated.

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