Monday, February 9, 2015

Ice cream trend

I went to Puerto Rico with my super-fun traveling friends this weekend.  I enjoy checking out farming subjects in different places (like in Mexico, Oregon, and Costa Rica), and we even happened to have a taxi driver from a dairy farm.

Then, there was the tattoo.

We went on a boat tour to the islands off of Puerto Rico.  One of the girls on the tour had this cute ice cream cone inked on her leg:

I said, "I noticed your ice cream cone.  How did you choose that?" She said, "I had a friend who got one, so I decided I would too.  Because ... ice cream is awesome."  She said she was also going to add another scoop to her ankle to make it look like it fell off.

After telling her I was a dairy farmer and thought it was great marketing, I asked to take the picture.  I already couldn't wait to tell Kris about it.  We're part of the food process that inspires PERMANENT INK TRIBUTES.  

On the way home, I connected in the Baltimore airport.  While standing in line, I noticed that the woman in front of me had ... an ice cream cone tattooed behind her ear!

Since the leg ice cream cone was the first tattoo I've ever seen of a delicious frozen dairy product, I was so surprised to be spotting one again.

I told her I noticed it and it was the second time I'd seen that weekend.  I asked why she happened to get that particular image.

She said, "Well, I used to bake and ... I LOVE ice cream."

"Do you mind if I take a picture of it?" I asked.

"Not at all," she said, "but ... I have an even nicer one on my shoulder."  And she revealed:

This is a powerful food.  Do you, out there, have an ice cream tattoo?  Or a different food tattoo? Send me your pictures!  I'm curious what other ones are out there.  

And say goodbye to the island - 

And hello to rare frozen whiskers.  Of course she's a little frosty - where else would we get the ICE cream?

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