Saturday, June 20, 2015

Crop talk

With all the excitement of calves on the farm, we're also always keeping an eye on the crops.

So is everyone.  Brownfield Ag News does a report called Cab Conversations where they interview farmers from across the country.  In this episode, it's Meghan Grebner interviewing Zach Hunnicutt from Nebraska, Theresia Gillie from Minnesota, and me.

Meghan sends us a link and we all use our laptops to be videoed together on Google Chat.  I know I've been using Skype and similar video chats for a long time ... but I am always impressed by the technology!  Really, I have terrible internet service.  (It's due to where we live.  We keep trying to get another internet service.  Three separate times, companies have come here with the intent to sell to us, test our connection, and tell us they're sorry - using the same tone that you would use to console someone about a death in the family.)  So you can hear my voice, but visually in parts you get the impression I'm underwater.  But it keeps improving and I'm confident that SOMEDAY we will have a better internet connection.

The trade off is ... I just walked outside to see one of my most favorite sights in the entire world.  In summer right after dark, the fireflies along the creek are simply stunning.  From the ground to the tips of the trees, they light up the entire creek bank.  I can't get enough of it.

The heifers were in the pasture right behind me, and one of them kept mooing louder and louder.  She couldn't see me because it was so dark, but she must have heard me or smelled me.    Finally I said, "It's just me."  That really sent her off and she sprinted back and forth along the fence, still mooing.

So, you know.  What we lack in internet we gain in outdoor entertainment. Here's to summer!

You can watch the interview here:  Cab Conversations: Get Growing No. 8
If you want to be able to fast forward, go to this link to watch it on YouTube.

My previous episode is here:  Cab Conversations: Get Growing No. 4
Go here to watch it on YouTube.

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