Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cowlendar guy

ANIMART is a dairy and livestock supply company we use, and this year they held a photo contest for their 'cowlendar.'  They wanted pictures of calves and kids.

I only have one or two million, so I sent in a picture I took of Max and a newborn calf.  They're July! (My guess is that they thought shirtless = summer, but honestly, Max is wearing only a swimsuit playing outside in a leaf pile right now, and it's 45 degrees.)  

I left the calendar out for Ty and Cole to see, and Ty looked at it, very puzzled.  He said, "Mom, this says 'cowlendar!"  Cole opened it up and found Max's picture, and all three boys were excited.  It'll be fun to turn to July this year.  

Thanks to ANIMART, too.  I just looked at their site - they have a 'cowtalog' too.  It seems like this could be cowtagious.  

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Tracy Garza said...

Hahahaha! You're hilarious! This is udderly fantastic! Cowgratulations! This is such a mooving post.

Carla said...

You knew how much I'd love that response! You're so punny! : )