Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Farming and singing

I've written about the Peterson Farm Bros before - they are Kansas beef and crop farmers that make song parodies about farming. They're very popular in ag circles.  What I love about them is that:

1) They're educational.  They talk about farming process, they show actual farm footage, and they share facts.  Plus, they're the real farmers talking about it.

2) They actually do it.  They take the time to write, sing, and film these parodies.  This is how they're promoting ag!  They don't take themselves too seriously, their videos are entertaining, and I admire these young guys (and occasionally their little sister) for choosing to promote farming this way.

3) They're clever.  The line in here that kills me is "I put ag in swagger."  Maybe farmers have been saying this for years - maybe it's on every farming fraternity shirt? - but it's the first time I've heard it.

So here it is!  An educational, fun medley about farming - full of swAGger ... and a little Disney touch for the girl.

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