Sunday, October 26, 2014

Eight days to vote, and Farm Fashion

There are eight more days (and eight more times) you can vote for the Face of Farming & Ranching here:

This summer I wrote a post called: Farm fashion: 6 classic styles for the farm.  In it, I showed what I see real people wearing when they work on farms.

One of these pictures featured one of our team members who wears this 'U MAD BRO?' tank top. My boys love this tank top more than anything, and they all want one.

Recently, my dad turned 70!  He farmed here for many years, and even though he's now retired, he helps out whenever we need him.  (When he's not flying a plane, traveling, or doing things more fun than working.)

And when it's warm enough, he can wear our gift to the farm.

And let's hope the answer around here is always no.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me represent agriculture at a national level.  Again, you can vote HERE

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