Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A nice little Saturday

I took the boys to the Family Fun at the Farm event in Clinton County - and it was great!  Not only could you tour two farms - a calf raising operation and a dairy farm - but there were a variety of activities. To name a few ...

Feeding a calf
Cow bouncy house
Put your hand in the box and guess what crop you're feeling
Movies about both of the farms
A veterinarian and her truck for ask-a-vet
Signs explaining everything
Farm equipment like combines to climb on
A pretend cow to milk
Free food and ice cream
A book barn with ag-related books 
Corn box to play in
Tractor rides

There were also tons of volunteers that were available to direct you and answer all questions. It was so fun at Sonrise Farm and Cook Dairy Farm.  If you didn't get to go ... here's your virtual tour!  

As well as having people there, there were signs at all the stations explaining about the operations.

Have a seat on a bale to watch interviews with the farmers about their businesses.

Tractor-pulled trolleys for transporting people from the parking lot:

The calf raising operation uses automatic calf feeders for their calves.  Cool technology.

 Whenever I see a truck like this, I know it's a vet.  But I didn't know that before I moved here!

Put your hand in and guess ... soybeans, alfalfa ...

Cute calves!

The volunteer told the boys, "Perfect form!"  I felt forced to tell him this wasn't their first time.

Book barn:

Corn box:

Off to see Kris in the parlor!

They only milked on one side of the parlor so visitors could stand and watch from the other side.  Eating ice cream in a parlor?  Totally makes sense.

Huge equipment to climb on!  Max never wanted to leave this part.

Milking the pretend cow ... I think I'm going to take this to schools.  It's so memorable.

Just a few of the sponsors on the t-shirt.

Another great event, another way to expose people to agriculture.  Thank you, Family Fun at the Farm committee!

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