Saturday, June 7, 2014


I just sat down at the computer to post when I saw heifers out my window, running down the road.  I sprinted outside while calling Kris to help - he and my dad were already on the way.

We quickly got them back in, but it took some fast running on my part to keep up with them and get them back in the right place.

The fence wasn't working, so my dad went to check on it while Kris and I stood by the fence, looking at the heifers and talking.

"Regular running down the road is fine," I told Kris, since I'm recovering from a knee injury and already ran a couple miles today.  "But sprinting after cattle?  That hurts."

"But only one of those is practical!" Kris said, laughing.

I'm icing my knee right now after my cattle sprint.  I've got to be hefiers-are-out recovered!

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