Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Last week Kris and I went to the Michigan Farm Bureau annual meeting in Grand Rapids.  Kris was a delegate and I was able to make it for the Young Farmer Award Banquet. 

It was great!  It's my favorite night of the program.  (This year was even not-stressful because Kris wasn't competing in anything for a change.)  At it, Farm Bureau gives four awards, and four people are up for each one.  So we get to see a total of 16 two-minute videos about each person.  It's like a whirlwind farm tour.

The videos - done by Steve Paradiso - are great.  They're informative ... but they're also usually really touching.  There's something about pictures set to music that really gets to you! 

This year Rob West won the Outstanding Young Farm Employee Award.  He, his wife Erin, and their four kids (including twin boys!) live in St. Johns.  So congrats to the West family!

His video is here:

Also, there's also a really cute video just posted - Michigan Dairy Farm Families: The 12 Days of Christmas.  Lots of our friends are in this one, and it's fun to watch!

Last, WLNS channel 6 came out to our farm tonight to interview Kris (local farmer) about the latest news on farm subsidies.  It was interesting to see the whole process work - with the writing, the interviewing, the filming Kris, the filming the reporter, the kids getting really cold and losing all interest as well as the feeling in their toes ...

Here's Kris, being filmed for the interview:

And here's what's just outside the shot.

All these videos take a lot of work!  But they're worth it in the end. 


rdelaurier said...

Can't tell. Is there a leaning towards being a fan of Michigan State in these videos? (HAAAA!)

Julie said...

I can hardly get my three kids to look at the camera. How do you get your boys to look AND all those cows?! :)

Carla said...

Rach - Can you tell we all went there ... and it's an ag school? : ) Funny, I know!

Julie - The cows were mooing really loudly during the interview. They'll be still for a picture, but never quiet!