Thursday, December 20, 2012

December calf

I checked at the barn and the little calf was born!  Kris wasn't sure what to do with her, because due to Christmas there's no auction this week, so she'd be here for two weeks while we're really busy with the holidays ... so he made a little gift of her to Josh.  (Josh didn't ask for a calf on his Christmas list, so it's possible that this was Josh's gift to Kris.)

Calves are going for cheap right now.  Our neighbor told me he took some calves to auction, but the prices were too low.  So he returned home with the calves, plus two pigs!

So if you're around our neighborhood, it's not always plates of Christmas cookies - sometimes it's animals.  If you come to my house, I'd happily give you this dropped-off, super-friendly cat that tries to get in my car every time I open the door.  PLEASE TAKE IT.  Josh can't feed every animal around here.

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Will Flannigan said...

Congrats on the calf!