Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hello winter

Yesterday morning, after Kris ate breakfast, the power went out.

I couldn't believe how fast he got out the door.  The power going out causes all sorts of problems, mainly that we have to run a generator to be able to milk the cows.  The well stops working.  The fences stop working.  Blah.

Kris tossed us a flashlight on his way out, since it was still dark.  (We only have one flashlight that we keep away from the kids, since they've had a million and are all lost and/or broken.  They immediately wanted to play with this one but I explained it was the only thing between us and 'just waiting for the sun to rise.')

Minutes after Kris left, the power went back on.  I was relieved for him, since I knew everything would be simpler now.

He told me later that when the power went out the fencer reset, and wasn't on, so the heifers ran into some wrong pastures.  They got them back in fine, though.
It was super windy out, with a little snow - totally fitting for the first day of winter.  Two of my boys fell while walking down some icy steps, and when I drove them to school I slipped on the road.  But I knew I was heading home to a warm house and a working farm.  Bring it, winter! 

(That is not in any way a challenge to the weather.  I fully believe I will lose that every time.  What I really mean is:  Come on, super mild winter!) 

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