Monday, June 6, 2011


Last night Kris said he was thinking about how nice it was to take off early and play a doubleheader of softball. Then he said he calculated it, and taking off early meant he'd already worked 10 hours. Go crazy!

When we got home, my dad was trying to chase in a cow that was having trouble having a calf. But she just wouldn't go in. He and Kris chased her around for an hour, but she just would not go in. What else can you do when an animal with lots of determination and speed doesn't want to go in the barn in the dark?

We had a set of heifer/bull twins yesterday AND today. Twins aplenty around here.

Today Kris chopped 80 acres. All day! The weather cooperated beautifully. See how dry it is?

Creek on April 28:

Creek now:

Let's hope this keeps up. At least ... until we want rain. In the meantime, we'll enjoy our ever-changing scenery.

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