Monday, June 13, 2011


Ever see these when you're driving around the countryside?

It's a feed bin. (It reminds me of the cereal dispensers in my college dorm. It's pretty much the same idea.)

This is a way to store grain to feed the calves.

We had one at the old calf barn, but it was much smaller. We always had to plan on how not to run out over a weekend, because the feed companies that deliver aren't open on weekends. Yet the calves still want to eat on Saturdays and Sundays! Crazy.

This bin is over twice as big as the old one. We're also going to be feeding more calves.

Do you see the tractor next to this? The feed bin is tied to it. It was really windy and we didn't want it to blow over. Now it's anchored down - bolted - into the concrete.

The bins in college were also bolted to the table. But I don't think they were worried about windstorms.

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