Saturday, June 25, 2011

New era

Five of my college friends and their husbands got together at my house today. (Plus our 16 children. We're more than replacing ourselves!)

We went on the farm tour, like we have in the past, but the difference is - we didn't go to the old calf barn! We only went to the new calf barn. Never before have I given a farm tour that didn't include a stop at the old calf barn.

Taking kids to visit the new calf barn has a lot of advantages - it's cleaner, it's easier to see where the kids are, and it's not five feet from a really busy road. I didn't even have to point out to a pure city girl that the brightness and ventilation must make the new barn nice for the calves.

One disadvantage ... with all those kids, it's not within walking distance. This was another tour first, probably never to be repeated. Load up!

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