Saturday, December 18, 2010


The fuel pump seemed to solve the problem! UPS rolled in yesterday afternoon ... right after Kris had left for the barn. I called him and he came and picked up the package right away. Here's the skid steer working as intended!

Cell phones ... when I was growing up, what I wanted more than anything was a phone my dad could carry around with him. My dad seemed often unreachable. (Especially if I was waiting somewhere for him to pick me up. Like from high school orientation, when I waited two hours. I finally got ahold of my grandma, who wasn't driving much anymore. As she drove me home, I thought, "If we get in an accident, dad's going to feel really bad for forgetting me." Ah, the nostalgia! Ah, the self-centeredness of a teenager!)

But with the wonder of cell phones, my dream has come true! Kris is available for calling and texting at all hours - whether it's me asking a question or the employees telling him the cows are out.

But for today, a mechanical problem is fixed. Maybe my dreams of cell phones that don't drop calls all the time will someday also come true.

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Jules said...

Yes, Verizon needs to put a tower right IN your milking parlor!