Monday, December 27, 2010

It doesn't seem like a Monday

For all the summer days that Kris works 14 hours, it’s nice to have winter days like today when he worked three. Just fed the cattle this morning and went to a family Christmas in another town for the rest of the day. And no calls about anything breaking or the cows getting out! (Again, this freedom is being brought to you by reliable employees.)

And, is there anything better than going to a family Christmas and hearing about how much far-away family members love to read your blog and in addition, how much they’re learning? That’s really making my Christmas merry.

As for the broken items: they’re going to rebuild the metal frame for the manure scraper. If it were a busy time of year (like the three other seasons during calving, planting, and harvesting) we would buy a new metal frame or have a fabrication company build it. However, since it broke during a slow time, we have enough hours in the day to make another one.

They had to order the belt for the feeder and it should be here this week. So the cows will be able to eat more, faster. Something I know we all mastered during the holiday meals. More sugar, anyone?

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