Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starter up

Kris had to jumpstart a tractor to start it three days in a row. Yesterday he called the dealer mechanic and they determined it was the starter. Kris paid for overnight shipping, because he figured the kids wouldn't understand why he was late for Christmas morning.

So the dealer mechanic is coming today to put the starter in - hopefully. If the shipping and part and mechanic's schedule all work out. The elements that have to come together are almost as complicated as Santa's.

We got another little snowfall and it's beautiful. Bum tractors aside!


Gataki Moroulaki said...

I love the snow pictures. I know I'm a little out-of-date but we haven't had snow in Greece for years! :)

Carla said...

Gataki - They're pretty any year! : ) Just wait a few months and I'll have some more. Low of 31 tomorrow! Thanks for reading. I'm sure you're not missing snow too much ... Greece is beautiful!