Sunday, December 12, 2010


I never thought I'd own a farm. Even though I grew up on a farm and married a guy who also did, we never once discussed owning one. We always talked about owning our own business ... but never a farm.

Six years into our marriage, living in a different state, with both of us working corporate jobs, he suggested buying my parents' dairy farm. I was surprised - I had no idea he wanted to be a farmer. But sure - why not?

When we moved here, we knew nothing. Now with three entire years of experience, I know one thing - people like to know where their food comes from, and they're interested in how farms work. So ... here we go!

Here's a side of farming probably a lot of people don't think about. Today we had a ton of blowing, icy weather. All the schools are closed tomorrow - already. Here's Kris coming home from feeding the cows. Dark, cold, windy ... no matter what, the cows have to be fed.

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Jules said...

As you know, I'm super interested in how your farm works, so I'm thrilled I have another channel besides talking, chatting, emailing, and texting in which I can stay clued in! Truth or Dairy forever!