Sunday, May 8, 2016

Talking and working

This week...

- I was invited to Eureka Elementary and gave the students a virtual tour of our dairy farm.  We also shook cream to turn it into butter, which the kids thought was like magic.  One class asked to sample it and took big scoops out with their fingers.  (School is fun!)  The rest of the classes ate the cheese or yogurt, which were less messy.

Many of the classes asked the same question - why do the cows wear ear tags?  I was explaining how we keep records on all of them, and we use the numbered tags to tell them apart, and Dylan - a little boy whose family farms - said, "We name them with numbers instead of letters."  (Well put, second grader!)


- I did a radio interview with the very nice Bill Baker about Mother's Day and the dairy business.  You can listen to the interview on DairyLine.

- I wrote an article for U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance celebrating moms, tradition, and food.  They wrote, "She reflects this Mother’s Day on the generations of mothers who have shaped their farm and their futures. To celebrate, she made tres leches (three milks) cake recipe with her three sons."  It is basically cake soaked in sugary milk - I love it.

You can read the article here:  Three milks, six generations, and three boys.


On the farm ...

- Kris has been hauling manure like a madman.  He did it all day yesterday - from dawn until dark, and stopped today only to spend a few hours with our families until he went back out to do it some more.

It's going to be time to plant corn this week and he REALLY wants to get the field fertilized as best he can before then.  Everything is so time-sensitive.  You have to plant when the soil isn't too wet, but before it rains and you can't do it ... all farmers around here are planning as best as they can to get it all right!


We checked more fences and put the cattle out on more and different pastures!  We brought back all of the heifers and have them outside.  There are so many out there - I love seeing them.

The ones across from our house are all pregnant with their first calves.  Happy Mother's Day to them, too!


I hope you all had a great weekend full of family, friends, and possibly - wet cake.

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