Sunday, May 15, 2016

Last hurrah

What a week!  Cattle out on pasture, working on fences, readying our equipment, not planting because it was too rainy ... and today it even snowed!

That's right, snow in May.

We have wonderful neighbors across the road and they are providing us with the prettiest view - a Belted Galloway and a beautiful flowering plum.  So, I don't only take pictures of my cattle all the time, but I also take pictures of other people's cattle!

 The calf barn is emptied of calves.  They're now all out on pasture.  Now we're cleaning, scrubbing, and sanitizing it before the new calves are born.

We had what Kris called his last hurrah until calving.  We spent the weekend with friends in Grand Rapids and I ran a 15.5 mile race with my friend Annie - also a dairy farmer.  We chugged some chocolate milk afterward, not only because we're dairy farmers or because it's a great recovery drink, but because it's DELICIOUS!

The mice have been busy too.  We checked out the chopper in storage and the mice had chewed through a whole bunch of - wait for it, I'm going to get technical - really important wiring.  What pests!  So we took it away to get fixed.

So, last hurrah over!  We're ready for spring.  Now if only it would quit snowing.

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