Friday, March 13, 2015

Confused season

This is the creek from one side:

Oh!  Just a little snow on the bank ... the grass ... it looks definitely spring-like!  But if you look in the other direction, here's the creek from the other side:

Giant chunks of ice, too frozen to make their way under the road.  Yesterday it was fun to watch, because every once in awhile, a chunk would break free and all the ice would groan and shift.  I kept hoping I'd see it break through all at once!

While the season is changing, we're getting everything ready at the farm before it becomes BUSY ALL THE TIME!  We're cutting down dead trees along the fence line on our pasture, building fencing on pasture, and Kris is trying to do a new payroll and a new summer schedule while he still has time to be inside.

We're dealing with other cow issues, trying to make sure they're all healthy, (sometimes the change in weather is hard for them), but so far they're doing fine.

It's just a generally good feeling in the air - all the neighbors are outside talking, everyone at the barn has time to stand outside to see each other ... even though we're all still wearing winter clothes. Well, about half of the winter clothes, anyway.

Doesn't this picture say 'spring?'  Tigers shirt, shorts, tricycle AND sled.

But soon that ice will break through.  We're ready for it!


U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance asked me to write an article about how farmers keep antibiotics out of milk, and it's generating a lot of interesting conversation.  Check out the comments on the article here: Food Dialogues.

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