Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ag week

Not only is it Ag Week, but it's also reading month.  As a result, my son's preschool teachers asked parents to come in and read to the class.  

My favorite types of books to read to classes are farming-related.  I brought in a milker and some cow models ...

I love tiny chairs
And I read 'The Cow in Patrick O'Shanahan's Kitchen'.  If you're interested in doing it, Michigan Farm Bureau has lesson plans.

Great time.  The kids were cute, super attentive, and loved the cow models in particular.  They loved them so much I thought their little legs might to snap off.  (The toys, not the kids.)

If you have the chance to go read to a class, have fun!  Meanwhile, back at the farm ...

- tons of meetings this week.  We're meeting with the nutritionist and vet (together), and we have another co-op meeting.

- going to dry up a group of cows, which means we stop milking them before they calve.

- Kris is trying to schedule his entire life around NCAA basketball.  You know, work life balance.

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