Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jump with Jill - brought to you by Michigan dairy farmers!

Today I went to Oakview Elementary School in St. Johns for Jump with Jill - the "world's only rock & roll nutrition show!"

They start with a salute to Michigan dairy farmers, processors, and the United Dairy Industry of Michigan.  The show is all about eating healthy and exercising.  They sing, dance, and have tons of audience participation.  The kids loved it!

It's fun to go a show and know the people on the banner ... see yourselves, McCunes and Gaspers?  (Fellow Michigan dairy farmers and friends!)

They had kids and teachers come up and dance ...

The PE teacher, Joe Matulis, won a free show for the school.  Here he is with the cast!

The kids danced, and since this was an elementary school, ALL the teachers danced, too.  It was great!

Do you see how cool this milk is?  Sunglasses?  Cannot get any cooler.

They treat dairy farmers like rock stars, too.

Great promotion, great show, and great fun!

The videos are here if you want your own little nutritional dance party right now.

Meanwhile, back on the farm ... Kris chopped corn the entire day.  This will continue for the next two weeks.  After chopping, the boys and I helped him with calf chores.  Inexplicably, the boys wore their nicest school shoes, but assured me they would "dry overnight."  After the boys went to bed, Kris went back to finish calf chores ... he offered that I could do them and he could go to bed, but I told him I'd let him do them.  I had a blog to write!

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Annie said...

Those boys STILL have no Barn Clothes?!!?

Carla said...

Ha! Wow, that's a callback to a long time ago ... they do. Boots and all. It's just the remembering to wear them, apparently!