Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pedicures for cows

Today the hoof trimmer came.

If you're looking for work, look into becoming a good hoof trimmer.  It took us a really long time to find someone who was even willing to come - because they're ALL so busy!  With tons of dairies around here and tons of cows ... times four hooves ... maybe I'll be a hoof trimmer in my spare time.

Hooves are like fingernails.  They get long.

First, they picked out the cows that needed obvious work - cows with long hooves and ones that were favoring a foot.

He trims them down with a combination of tools.  He grinds them down, then sees if the hoof needs any more attention.  Like if there is something like a lesion, an ulcer, or a wart.

If they do, he puts the appropriate topical solution on them, and wraps up the hoof with an athletic-type wrap.  (The wrap just eventually falls off.)

Last, the cows selected their favorite polish color and trotted off, no doubt more comfortable than before.

Okay, no polish, obviously.  But a cow pedicure all the same.

In all the articles about jobs needing people, I never see 'hoof trimmers'.  But it seems like a good gig ... warts and all.

(Ours doesn't turn them on their sides, but here's a video that gives an up-close look at hoof trimming.)

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Aimee said...

Wow. Thanks for posting the video. Not how I imagined it. I'm not sure why in my head, the cows naturally stood in a line and walked themselves up to the hoof trimmer and lifted each leg for him to pretty. I assume they also didn't receive calf (hehehe) massages with those pedicures?

Carla said...

Not only do I love that visual you've described, but I love a good calf/calf joke!