Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Night in pictures

Four times a year, we chop alfalfa and cover the pile with plastic and tires to store it.  (Then we do it for corn!) We finished last night, which was great because it rained today.  The chopper worked great.  

To give you an idea of how big the chopper is, I have a quiz question:

Kris filled up the chopper with diesel fuel.  How many gallons can the chopper tank hold?

If you guessed 290, you're ... a farmer with the same chopper!  Congrats!  

My boys rushed down to the barn to help put tires on the pile.  

I laughed out loud when I watched Mike lift this tire.  Like nothing!  Some people do this as a workout!  We should invite them to the pile covering.

The boys are still working up to that level.  Sometimes it's two kids per tire.

After I took this Max said, "That was my farmer face."  

Part of the reason the boys love putting tires on the pile is that we all hang out and have pizza afterward. I love seeing everyone, too. 

Afterward, the five of us went to do calf chores.  (That's how we say 'feed the calves.'  This is the way my family has said it as long as I remember.  Does everyone say it like that?)

Since I had my camera from the pile covering, I let Cole and Ty use it.  They took some good pictures like of us feeding:

And 84 of Max playing with the cats.

Kris took us home and the boys all said goodnight to him before he went back to finish chores.

Another alfalfa harvest done.  The cows must have known ... we had five calves born today!  We also bought 18 bulls and put them in with the herd ... let the cycle continue!  I'll keep taking pictures.

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Collie C said...

I love your blog, it reminds me of my childhood. I grew up on a dairy farm in Norther Vermont. And yes, we said calf chores, cow chores, all the time...

Carla said...

Collie - I'm glad! We have friends who farm in Vermont. It's so beautiful there. Thanks for reading and letting me know the vernacular is the same across the country. : )