Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Everybody's at the party

Today every contractor we had was on the job. 

Two excavators were going.  There were dump trucks.  There were lots of people around - some working on the lagoon, some installing mattresses, others making a driveway, and one doing something with cement I had to ask him about - because I wasn't even sure what part of the project he was doing!

It's a beehive of activity.  We can hear the sounds of machinery from our house and we like to go over and check out what's going on. 

1. They took out the foundation of one of the silos we knocked down.  It was an amazing amount of concrete.  We had no idea how deep that concrete ran into the ground.  Kris said they hit it with a wrecking ball ... and nothing happened.  They had to really work at it.

2. It rained again yesterday.  We're so happy!  The crops love it!  On the opposite side - this lagoon was started last winter and it will never be finished! 

3. The cows don't care.  Everything looks different in one direction ...

... and then all the same the other way.

Well, all the same except for that new duck.


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Shannon Baker said...
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