Saturday, July 6, 2013


We had our mattresses delivered for our new barn. 

The way it works is the mattresses are put on the concrete.  Then we cover them with foam - it looks like what you put under carpet.  Then a giant top cover goes over that.  Then we put sawdust on it continually to help keep it clean. 

We were visiting today and Kris was testing them out. We all joined him. 

They were really comfortable. Of course, I fell asleep on cement yesterday, so I'm no princess and the pea.


Don Schindler said...

Why do you do this? You know, with mattresses over the concrete?

Carla said...

Hi Don!

It's for cow comfort. They can't be on pasture the entire year (like when it's winter and there's no grass) so they like to lie down in the barn. We try and make it as comfortable as possible for them. More comfort, more milk. : )

Thanks for asking!