Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Kris told me that there was a duck hanging around the barn yesterday.

This morning I was running and saw it for myself.  On my way back, it was in the road.  As I was running, it started ... running alongside me.  For about 30 seconds, I was running WITH A DUCK.

I was really regretting not bringing along my camera.   

I called around, and no one is missing a duck.  (My friend thought it was funny that more than one neighbor had ducks.  I didn't even register this as being a curiosity.  Sure!  Lots of room.)

The kids and I went back and fed it some bread.  Later it made its way down to the creek, thankfully.  I'm pretty sure it's not going to find the kind of aquatic nutrition it needs from whole wheat bread. 

I found out it's called a muscovy duck.  It doesn't say anything in the description about them being good running partners.


mom said...

He may have made his way back to the creek earlier, but tonight at 9 p.m. he was back at the barn sitting on top of a big dirt pile, playing King of the Castle. Too bad I didn't take some bread along on my walk.

Kat said...

Ha! I saw him on the way to your house yesterday. I decided that if my ducks were that ugly, I'd let them run in the road too. :)

Carla said...

Ha! I got a lot of funny emails about this too - one telling me muscovy ducks are great to eat, and one telling me they're too tough to eat!