Monday, April 29, 2013

Podcast, producing, product

This weekend Kris and I were guests on Kerry Nobis' podcast - The Postmodern Farmer.  His brother Mitch is the producer.  Here we are in his professional sound studio!
They are funny guys and we had a good time.  I'll post the episode when it's online. 
Mitch, Carla, Kris, Kerry
Back on the farm ... two more calves born today.  One heifer, one bull.  I tried to see one being born, but I got there right after she had it.  I wasn't mad, since this is the first of very, very many.  I'll save my anger for later in the year when I'm marveling at how few I've seen.
And one last note - all five of us eat at least one yogurt a day.  Kris and I are not fans of the bulk size yogurt containers.  As a result, this is what our fridge looks like at all times, since I buy yogurt on every trip:
Good thing we have a farm.  We might be our own best customers.

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