Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl super tribute

I bet you can guess my favorite Super Bowl commercial! 

What a nice surprise!  You're watching the game and suddenly, there's a commercial that's a lovely tribute to your job and lifestyle.  People immediately texted me, and my twitter and Facebook feeds were full of comments on it. 

I've read this before, but with Paul Harvey's voice and the accompanying pictures, it really made me ... want to buy a Dodge.  So it worked!


O Shea Shenanigans said...

Great commercial.

Anonymous said...

Some wondered why the 'Got Milk' commercial wasn't my favorite. I actually missed it and just saw it now ... it was also good, but in a different way! O Shea - thanks for reading. Have a great day!- Carla

J.Rhoades said...

I agree, it was a great commercial. I was defiantly proud that we drive Dodge trucks around here!

Carla said...

Jamie - good choice! : )