Sunday, February 10, 2013

Naughty cow?

United Dairy Industry of Michigan has been sponsoring a lot of the half time shows and giveaways at the Michigan State University basketball games.  (Every time they announce, "Sponsored by UDIM" Kris and I enthusiastically cheer!  We're hoping it catches on.  Mostly it makes the people around us look at the court to see if they're missing something exciting.)

The half time shows have been great - definitely the most audience participation and more interest than we've seen in awhile.  And they also have a t-shirt toss of 'Rethink Your Drink' shirts promoting the health benefits of chocolate milk. 

The t-shirt toss, if you haven't been, isn't really a toss at all.  They wheel out these huge guns, they stuff rolled up shirts in the chambers, and they fire multiple rounds into the crowd. 

The shirts don't usually reach our row, but this week they apparently amped up the gun and the shirts made it to us!

Everyone was politely trying to grab it, but the man on the right ended up with it.  He gave it to the nice girl sitting in front of us - I think it was more her size.

With UDIM's great chocolate milk promotions, hopefully people are adding it to their grocery lists.  At the very least, they're adding it to their wardrobes. 

Then ... Kris and I visited his family in Houston this past weekend.  We went to a giant market, and saw this on the shelf:

Naughty Cow, Adult Strawberry Milk, Adult Chocolate Milk - take your pick!

The Naughty Cow tagline on the label is: "Chocolate Milk for Grownups."  They promote drink recipes on their site - most with ice cream or whipped cream. 

So, it looks like there are lots of options for getting your dairy ... Naughty Cow all around!  (Of course, proper ID is required.)

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