Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rafters and jackhammers

We all went for a walk around the farm yesterday to look at all the New! Exciting! Developments! 
That's how we feel about them anyway.  All exclamation points and excessive capitalization.
For instance, the builders delivered the rafters for the new barn.  I tried to show in this picture how GIANT they are.  They really make this barn seem big and ... real.  It's really going to happen!
Kris told me he asked our vet to check if two heifers were pregnant.  Kris said as soon as he rounded them up he was sure that they were free martins, which are heifers with non-functioning ovaries.   I jokingly asked, "Why?  Were they acting like bulls?"  He said, "Yes!  Well, they were acting like calves - certainly not like pregnant cows.  They were running around and one of them jumped OVER a fence."  Which is not normal pregnant cow behavior, as you can imagine. 
This is normal pregnant behavior ... eating.   

We walked over to the old barn to see the changes there.  This is how it looked last August:

And now:

We're putting a hole in the side of the barn so that we can easily fill it with bales.  There's a convenient door on the other side, and by putting one on this side, we can double our bale storage capacity.

This also requires renting a jackhammer to get rid of some of the cement - also like on the other side.  We'll also have to bring in some gravel to make a higher driveway.

A jackhammer!  A JACKHAMMER!  That's just a word asking for all caps.  I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood will be excited when that project is done.
Speaking of neighborhoods, yesterday my son asked me what 'community' meant.  I said that it was a group of people that cared about each other.  Later, my mom was watching as our neighbor (and friend) was cutting down a tree for firewood and had a limb fall on his head.  She called the ambulance and a bunch of neighbors went over to help - get his wife's purse, let out their dog - we had a neighbor stop to ask if we needed help, since it was near my parents' house.  The good news is, he's going to be fine!  (We all wish you a quick recovery!)  Glad we live somewhere where everyone knows everyone - especially when there's an accident!


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