Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Skating rink

It's been cold here the last few days.  For instance, it was -5 two nights ago.  I had the boys go outside to feel what it felt like, because it's not often this cold.  So today when it warmed up to 16 degrees, it already felt fine.  It's funny how quickly you adjust to whatever weather you have. 

I'd mentioned going ice skating and Kris reminded me ... for a short while we have our own ice skating rink!  The manure lagoon collected a little bit of water in it and is, of course, frozen.

This will not be repeated when it's actually filled with manure.  (Unless it turns out my kids are really good at hockey ... you know how hard it is to get rink time.)


The cold creates problems around here - some piping froze in the calf barn utility room and we had to repair that.  A couple of the teat dippers froze the first cold morning.  The molasses pump, Kris said, seems to be struggling with the cold.  Slow as molasses, naturally.

After we slid around the ice, we watched the excavator work on the free stall barn area. 

We watched until our faces were numb.  Score another one for technology - the low temperatures didn't seem to bother the giant machines at all.

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Julie said...

Cool rink! I hope you spent the day singing, "Ice Ice Baby"