Saturday, January 26, 2013

What are we going to call it?

Kris and I were discussing something about the farm, and I didn't know which barn he was talking about.  
I said we should agree upon a name to call the yet-to-be-built free stall barn.  We can't call the old free stall barn 'the old barn' because we already have an old barn.  And we can't change the name of the original old barn because I've called it that my entire life.  It'd be like changing the name of one of our kids suddenly because we had another one.  (Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but that was my reasoning with Kris.) 
Kris said the old barn could be called the old calf barn OR the old milking barn.  Now it's the storage barn.  The guys have been working on taking out all of the old calf housing in order to be able to store hay and straw bales in it. 
Here's what it looked like when we housed calves in there three years ago:
Here's what it looks like today.  This used to be where the cows were milked - at first, with my great grandpa.  Then we put in the hutches - my dad's time.  Now the hutches are gone again -
Here's a picture of the new calf barn, as of last year:
Over the time of the farm, the barns get all different uses.  Whatever fits the farm and the fashion of the day!  When I went out to take the pictures of the new barn, this is what I saw in the sky.     

X marks the spot.  Here we are, here we've been, here we'll stay.  No matter what we call it.


O'Shea Shennanigans said...

I think you've found the name in that last pic. Call it the "x-barn" lol. X is the variable for the many different tasks the barn will be used for in it's lifetime. :-)

Carla said...

Ha! Perfect. It makes it sound very mysterious, too. What goes on in the X-barn?! : )

Thanks for reading!

Marilyn said...

The pictures of the "old barn" sure bring back memories. That is where I could go when I was a kid and be welcome and happy. Your Dad might be here helping and your Grandpa for sure. I remember walking there with my grandpa Anderson from what is now your house. Across the drive and the little bridge...thanks for bringing a smile today.

Carla said...

I'm so glad! My kids love it now, too. The bridge is still there and we use it almost daily! At one point we were having some excavating done and I stood right by the bridge to make sure the excavator operator didn't accidentally knock it down. : )