Monday, January 21, 2013

Milk, museums, milestones

I was at a friend’s house today and her husband told me how he’s potty trained his three daughters.  (Starting on the fourth daughter.)  He said, “ I just put them on a potty in front of the TV, give them three glasses of chocolate milk, and there you go.  It always goes smoothly.”

Yet another amazing use for dairy – potty training tool.  Just as catchy as ‘Got Milk.’


We went to the Michigan Historical Museum and they had a farm section.  Part of it was about the use of silos:

It says, "Silos changed the appearance and practices of Michigan farms during the early 20th century.  Farmers stored finely chopped crops - feed for their cows - in these new farm structures.  The ability to store feed allowed farmers to increase their dairy herds.  Silos of the 1920s were built of masonry, brick, steel, cement or wood stave, concrete block or glazed tile."

They even had a little pretend barn and silo:

It reminded me of when I brought a city friend home from college.  She asked, “What are those big tall things called?”  I was surprised she’d never heard the word 'silo', but … maybe if she’d visited this museum it would have been different.


And last but not least, the builders are planning to start on the barn this week or the next!  It’s frozen here – high of 12 degrees today – but apparently they can still put in posts and begin.  Here we go! 

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