Monday, October 1, 2012

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow

Last night Kris was lying on the floor, poring over blueprints and making calculations. 

It seemed a familiar sight ... and for a good reason! 

We're building a freestall barn and manure lagoon.  We're going to expand our herd and milk more cows.  We're aiming to milk 400. 

Even though we have our cattle on pasture most of the year, they also like to have a place to lie down when they're not outside.  They like to lie in freestalls, which are dry and soft.  It's one freestall per cow.  So if you have more cows, you have to have more freestalls. 

When you have more cows, you need more manure storage. 

So, there's the excavation, the cement work, the actual building.  There's the placement, the construction, the lagoon.  And the paperwork! 

It's a project - Kris always likes to have one going.  And this one will be going for quite some time.

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