Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall baby

Kris stopped by to tell me there was a cow across the road from our house who was starting to calve.  (The kids and I didn't notice, as we were far too busy throwing raking leaves.)
He loaded them up in the truck to do chores and I headed out in the field to see if I could see yet another calf being born! 
The excitement has not worn off, I assure you.
Beautiful day:
The cow was really far along and pushing the calf out easily.  The calf's tongue was sticking out and she was moving her head around.
After she got this far, the cow stood up.  The calf didn't come out. 
You look like you have a little something there.
The calf stayed that way for a long time.  Defying gravity. 
Hey, did you notice you have a calf attached to you?
I could hear the mucous draining out of the calf.  I kept thinking I should assist, but knew that if I weren't there - like the hundreds of other times - everything would turn out fine.  So I just watched. 
So did the other cows. 
Eventually, she gave a big push and the calf plopped onto the grass.  Welcome to the world! 
Good thing you're pliable!



Rita Caldwell said...

It's gorgeous and I love watching new babies being born!!

Carla said...

Thanks, Rita! Yes, this fall is particularly beautiful!

J.Rhoades said...

The amazing-ness really does never wear off! I've seen multiple calves born and hundreds of piglets, but my heart still skips every time! Congrats on the healthy calf!

Carla said...

Thanks, Jamie! The piglets on your blog are really cute. Are their births as entertaining, too? Now that's another animal I've never seen born - but maybe this weekend! I'm off to visit a friend's farm. : )