Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring notes

Congressman Dave Camp met with Kris and other farmers today in our district.  Rep. Camp gave a short talk and then answered questions for 45 minutes.  I've always liked Dave Camp because when I was 17 he gave a recommendation for my brother to attend the Air Force Academy.  (Way to pick 'em, Dave!)  Why did he meet with farmers?  Because as the old saying goes ... farmers vote! 


Spring cleaning around here!  We moved all the heifers out of the new barn.  Now we're cleaning and sanitizing the entire place to get ready for the new calves that will be born this season! 

We put the heifers in the barn near our house and let them into the new free stall area.  Kris said they were very excited, running all over and checking them out.


My sister and her family are visiting from Kansas!  Even though my nieces and nephew have been here lots of times, it never gets old.  Everyone loves going in the milk parlor, sitting on tractors, climbing the silos, and riding the 4-wheeler.  What's not to like?  Since they're city kids, there's the regular talk about how it smells like cows, manure is lots of places ... but they're not complaining, just stating facts.   They also have a million questions and I love to answer.

It may not be everyone's idea of a dream spring break, but they keep coming back ... and we're so glad. Happy spring, everyone!

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