Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Ten Tournament

Kris, my dad, and two friends went to the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana this past weekend to watch Michigan State University win it all!

(That exclamation point understates my excitement.  If you could have seen us watching the game ...)

Last night Kris got home to do payroll and he said that Kody had hurt his foot playing basketball and got someone to cover one of his milkings.  Then Kris saw that on Sunday, he'd started milking and had had another employee finish for him.  So his foot must really be bothering him, poor guy!

But the whole chain of events - Kody hurt, tells Kris, doesn't milk, gets someone to finish milking on his own - is great.  We have such wonderful team members here!  They're the reason Kris can leave and everything still gets done!

And since we love to travel, I could throw in quite a few more exclamation points.  !!!

* Note later in the day - Kody was sick and came to milk anyway.  He was so sick that he couldn't finish ... so Mike drove to Ryan's house to find him and ask him to finish up.  Thanks, guys!

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