Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Local meeting

We had our milk co-op local meeting today.  It was definitely the most exciting meeting I've been to in the three years since I moved here!

- There was a lot of discussion about voting, delegate numbers, and board decisions.  At the very basic level, people just want to make sure that their voices are being heard. 

- The president, Ken Nobis, was talking about some new programs.  One of the things he said was, "We have to do what the consumer wants."  It's true.  A farm is a business, and you need customers who want what you're peddling.

- Kris and I are applying to be part of the Outstanding Young Dairy Cooperative conference.  It's been held annually for the past 61 years. 

- According to MMPA, Kris and I are considered 'young' for EIGHT more years.  That was even more exciting than the meeting.


Anonymous said...

My YC age passed a few days ago. Good luck as a YC.

Carla said...

Jamie - Thanks so much! But it's what age you feel, right? : )

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