Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is it 2012?

Yesterday Kris was working on tax documents. Since we've been here, we've asked my mom to type up the W-2s we need to give our employees. (Why my mom? Because she has a typewriter. Do you know how hard those are to find?)

Kris decided this year he'd do it all online instead. No typewriter needed! So he spent a lot of time doing it that way, and then the government told him they couldn't verify his business address and it would take four business days to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, W-2s are due to the employees in two business days. He wanted to scan and email them the documents to prove we live where we live, but they only allow faxes. So he's going to town to use a fax machine.

So our taxes are still dependent on an obsolete machine.

Maybe we'll be able to do it all online next year, just with the magic of this newfangled computer!

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Mom said...

We also own a slide rule. Not that I know how to use it.